Beauty…in a CEMETERY?

I went to a special place last night to sit and think. It’s so peaceful and beautiful there.

Years ago, I got a phone call from a friend. “I have something to show you. Meet me over by…..” So I did. And at first I got a bit worried because it was a cemetery.

I trust him, so I went with him up into the cemetery. I saw the oak trees. They were FULL of Monarch butterflies. FULL. Like in THOUSANDS of them…


It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I can remember how I felt that day. Just standing there with my arms raised in wonderment. I can never thank M enough for showing me the natural beauty a cemetery can have.

Monarch 3.jpg

For a half hour last night, I just sat and cried. And talked to my friend. And I talked to Nick. And I just … was.

It felt pretty damn good. I felt more at peace than I have in a while. I’ll have to go back there again soon.


(wish I’d had my camera with that day….these are from a different park I just found out about.)

It’s to start being colder now. So sitting up there will be a tad chilly. And the butterflies will be gone. I hope my friend will join me. I hope he will heal enough to realize there is still beauty out there.

And that I am here for him.

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