I was SO insulted!! or was I?

So K and I are enjoying each others company. He is a good man. I like how he can make me smile, laugh, and snort coffee out my nose.
Our new thing is walking at night. I need to lose weight. He likes to walk. Perfect. Works for me.
Last night was walking night two. We only walked half the loop by my house. Thank you right foot. It was aching pretty good and we had a ways to go. So half way is better than none.
No lights on that loop.  Eeeeek! Damn, it was dark out! I kept seeing things. Thank God he had a flashlight.
Anyway, on Wednesday night, night one, at 10:30pm I went up to his house and we walked around town. And he likes to WALK. Not mosey. We hoofed it. Which is what one MUST do.
Anyway…..Streetlights. *smart idea!*
We walked past one of his buildings. One of his employees was working late. She saw us.
Apparently she has wanted to go out with K for a while.
A half hour after we got back to his house, I was getting ready to leave and she was getting in her truck by his house, ready to leave when he walked me to my car at 11:30pm. (Chivalry is NOT dead! How awesome is THAT?)
She got a little upset and drove far too fast out of town.
She told some friends of hers that  “He’s only after her for all her cars!!”
Insulting bitch. If I could stop laughing, I’d go slap her.
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