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This IS my journey, isn’t it?

It’s mine to grieve or celebrate or be happy or be sad whenever I damn well please… Right? This series of 4 photos my daughter in law did……tells it all. Taken in May 2015, we had gotten the all clear, … Continue reading

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Last nights voyage into the unknown….

Gawd, Nick has a lot of shit! I really do need to get photos of ‘during’…..which looks worse than ‘before’. There are a lot of things that are going up in to the attic now. They’ll be out of the … Continue reading

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It’s Thursday you stupid cam…oh wait…

Another week is almost gone. Where does the time go? It seems I am busy every night after work. Monday I actually got to stay home. But I dug into the 3rd bedroom and it’s a bigger mess but a … Continue reading

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We need each other….

I keep finding that out every day. There are people I simply NEED to speak with, see or have interaction with every day to make me ‘whole’. Luckily one of them lives with me. Earn has turned out to be … Continue reading

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Don’t be………………

I have done this in the shower more times than I can count in the last 2 years. I love my family. I love my friends. I hope, by my actions and words, they know this. Some people learn this … Continue reading

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I may not get up as QUICK

….as I used to. But I do still get up. Life keeps hitting me over and over. First Nick, then Barry, Joan, Ron (from home church), Aunt Eunice, Lucas being attacked by a dog….. There’s more. Just can’t think of … Continue reading

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Another light in my life… gone.

RIP Auntie. I love you so. Well, yesterday just sucked. First it was the 2nd anniversary of the start of Nick’s Journey into Cancer. I was already having a thought-filled, memory invoking, bad kind of day. Remembering how excited we … Continue reading

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