My new room…

I always liked my bedroom. I thought it was OK. I didn’t realize what potential it had!

This all started with the rod in my closet deciding to come off the wall.


Remember that? I blogged on how I found Nick’s boots.

So Holly and I talked and decided she would come up and ‘do my bedroom’ for me. I gave her a $200 Antique Amoire for it. I bought the paint and everything and let her loose.

Sunday evening 5pm. This is what my bedroom looked like. bedroom-before



By late Monday afternoon…this was my bedroom.  (photos taken at same angle..the way they SHOULD be) I wish I could have been more help to her but I was home sick. Not really sick but just aching all over like someone had beat me.

I love it. Absolutely love it.


But ‘painting Nick’ out of my room….weighs heavily on me. I know I need to move on. But still…..

Anyone else like it?

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