I slept pretty good last night. I hit the pillow and was in the same place when I woke up. That doesn’t happen very often….


Saturday was pretty rough. A friends fiance passed away kind of unexpectedly. She was doing treatment for breast cancer and it sounded like she was doing ok. But he came home last Wednesday after work and found her on the bathroom floor.

I’m 11 weeks into this journey now. Dave is just starting. But man, did it bring back EVERYTHING from sleeping on the couch to not eating to not remembering much of anything but ‘he’s gone’. Just wanting to scream NO!

So, at the wedding dance, I once again drank. A lot. A combination of Mike’s/Smirnoff/Raspberry Brandy shots.


I really need to stop doing that.

The shots. Not the Mike’s. heh heh heh

Danced like crazy. Did my bestest to forget. Enjoyed myself.

And paid for it Sunday morning.


Time to slow back down.



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