Is this true…..?

Your opinion of me means nothing.jpg

Big talk from such a short person. *snortz*

(OMG I WORE HEELS LAST NIGHT!! First time in ……….. counts backwards….3+6 carry the 1, divide by 2……..YA!! YEARS!!!)

I have been through shit I’ve never told people. It’s made me who I am today.

I like me. I think I’m fun to be around….?

Slowly, I’m getting to enjoy life again. Mostly thanks to K. Last night, we went out for supper and SURPRISE!! A bunch of his family was there. *facepalms* Instant case of the nerves! It was his grandparents 76th anniversary. Shudda knowed it. So to relax, I drank. Only two. It was a school night. Ugh. Shouldn’t have. But hey, I made it through without blushing!

“I like you. I think you should keep him.” (an auntie) “Let’s see how well he behaves first, ok?”  (me) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaahahhahahahahaah OMG….I’m still chuckling. I think that comment solidified things. *sigh*

I do like his family. He has 3 younger sisters. (that’ll be a challenge!) I have yet to meet them. I have to give K credit. He introduced me as his friend. *watching the eyebrows FLY up! yeah right! Snicker*.  We sat next to each other, he got me some Smirnoff, he oogled my cleavage. *snortz* It was a good night!

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2 thoughts on “Is this true…..?

  1. Meeting family nerves ha! First time I met Dave’s family it was his dads 71st Birthday. Dave told me to be myself so I did I asked his dad: “So how many birthday spankings do you want big boy?” He laughed Dave’s mom chuckled with a hidden scowl. Hahahaha

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