I was told this morning that I have a beautiful smile. I keep picking on him about tryin’ tah turn mah head…..He laughs. Maybe I do. Right now he makes me smile. I’m gonna hold onto that.

Last night was kind of rough for me. K and I hauled one of Nick’s cars down to J. It’s the deal he gets the ’69 Torino GT for finishing up my Mustang. I stood in the street after it was rolled off the tilt bed and just looked at her. Remembering Nick working on her. The things he promised we’d do in that car, the trips we would take, the times I would get to drive her. I just stood there and leaked tears of sorrow.

One more thing of his  ~ gone. Coming to the end of an era of my life.

I’m not dealing with it well. There are days it just slams into me that he is gone. Never to return. I had two years to prepare for that and I STILL wasn’t ready. I watched him those last 5 weeks and knew the end was near but nothing, even READING the books, WATCHING him fade,  and KNOWING this is it, can prepare you for something like this.

Then I walked into J’s shop and there was my girl. I about cried again seeing her. She’s up on the hoist; 5 speed and pedals are in her. I just gently rubbed her paint and tires. I’ve missed her.

And I cannot wait to drive this baby!!  VROOOOOOOM!!

I know I’m having the BEST HAIR DAY EVER!!! I lubs my hairdresser. She’s so freakin’ AWESOME!!

Know you are all bootiful in my eyes.

Have a NICE day!!

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