Another light in my life… gone.


RIP Auntie.

I love you so.

Well, yesterday just sucked.

First it was the 2nd anniversary of the start of Nick’s Journey into Cancer. I was already having a thought-filled, memory invoking, bad kind of day. Remembering how excited we were to have, what we thought was, the ‘problem fixed’ and we were on our way home about 4-4:30pm. Only to have the first of many nights from Hell. I should have known then it was too good to be true.


Second, my wonderful Auntie in the photo above, passed away about 4pm.  Her daughter T and I had spoken the night before and I got the scoop on what was happening. When she told me Auntie was struggling to breathe, I just flashed back to when Nick was doing the same in the bed by the window in the living room. He lasted 12 hours once that started. When I talked to T about quarter of 5. Her first words were “You are just gonna not like Oct 20th at all now.” I’d suspected all day things were going to be sad but wow….Hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew when she answered the phone by the tone of her voice it was bad.


All of Dad’s side in that generation are 80 and 90+ with my mom being the youngest at 81. I know I’m going to start losing them. It will be devastating. And I’ll muddle along as best I can.

What else are you gonna do?

Third, my #5 grandson was attacked by a chocolate lab at 4pm and about lost his right ear. Tore the outside 1/3″ off from the lobe almost all the way to the top. It was hanging on by a 1/4″ piece at the top. Three layers of stitches later, he’ll keep his ear. I’d post a photo but it’s WAY too grisly to see.

Lucas and Meg.jpg

They BETTER put that dog down since this is the SECOND time he’s attacked and bitten. It should have been put down the FIRST time.

So all in all, Oct 20th, around 4pm, will become a day and time I’ll dread. I’ll need something good to happen to turn that around.

Today dawned bright, sunny and crisp. I would love to go for a walk tonight but I have to load up my stuff for a show in Whitehall tomorrow.

Tomorrow night is Wine, Women and 50 Shades of Grey.

I need some smiles after yesterday…..

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6 thoughts on “Another light in my life… gone.

  1. OMG…OH my…shit. Put the dog down and down and down. Any dog can bite. No aggression allowed on our place ever.
    That said, how is he doing?

    Getting some wine to christine our new room tonight! Wild and woolly at the farm. Wonder if the hounds will hear it and howl???

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