We need each other….


I keep finding that out every day. There are people I simply NEED to speak with, see or have interaction with every day to make me ‘whole’. Luckily one of them lives with me.

Earn has turned out to be THE best thing that could have happened to me. She is the sweetest young lady I’ve met in a long time. She is so easy to get along with, funny, conversations can be a HOOT….I’m so glad I said yes to another student instead of spending this first year alone.

The store room is getting cleaned out now. What a flippin’ mess. So much stuff is getting thrown away. I’m done storing things that are never used.

Last night was a playoff game. THEY WON!! So on to Grand Meadow Saturday. Fingers crossed. My friend K took this photo close to halftime. I kind of like it! Give me ‘the mysterious air’. *chuckles*

Peek a BOO.jpeg

I’m off to visit my ‘Illinois Mafia’ this weekend. I really need to connect with Mary. Her son died the day of Nick’s funeral. I love these people so I need to see them.

It’s raining again today, dreary, cold, wet, icky, and I feel a cold coming on.


I’d rather be home….in bed….with a good…………….book. Ya, that’s it.

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