It’s Thursday you stupid cam…oh wait…


Another week is almost gone. Where does the time go? It seems I am busy every night after work. Monday I actually got to stay home. But I dug into the 3rd bedroom and it’s a bigger mess but a more workable one. I really need to get it set up as a bedroom.

Tuesday I was sposed to get a tattoo with my daughter. Somehow it fell through. Then K and I went to the football game in the rain. It was another great game, just not as full of fumbles, recoveries, and interceptions as the week before. And my Grandson’s team won! On to another playoff game on Saturday!

Wednesday. Every other Wednesday is fast becoming Broasted Chicken night with K. It’s really good food, fun atmosphere and good people to be with.

Thursday…tonite I am closing a show, then working on the 3rd bedroom, must remember to bring stepladder up from basement, then walking about 9ish as we’ve missed the last few nights.

Friday, Earn and I leave for IL to visit my favorite Mafia people. And maybe sell another radio. And relax for a weekend, sleep in, eat some more good food and visit with Mary, who’s son died the day of Nick’s funeral. I have some huge hugs for her.

Saturday…..mellow day. Sleeping in and enjoying some down time before I start all my November shows. Every Saturday. I think I’ll leave my Escape loaded and save my back and some time.

Sunday, I’m coming home. Want to finish up that 3rd bedroom so my son can start his demo. I’m still trying to decide if I want it as my bedroom or as another guest room. I’d turn my bedroom into a guest room/office then. And set up the upstairs room, which will be bigger, just like downstairs. If I can. Hmmmmmmmmm  ~ just remembered ~ only one small window…..might be kinda IFFY. Even with the WALK IN CLOSET I’ve been promised!! heh heh heh.

Monday is Halloween, Tuesday is Free, as is Wednesday, Thursday and not Friday as I have to set up for a show almost an hour away. I may be staying over at my son’s house for that one and save myself 2 hours of driving.

And so the November madness starts.

And thank you, Doug, for the following PA…..


My love to you all….

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4 thoughts on “It’s Thursday you stupid cam…oh wait…

  1. Indeed your life sounds like mine a whirlwind, although I am at the farm having a ‘run’ away week between work and cleaning out an old room and making it into a ‘my’ room and digging things out that have been packed since the winter of 2014 when we started this house negotiating thing.

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