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I think this will be what my Christmas

…..will look like this year. I don’t have a lot of choice in sticking around for Christmas….but no one says I have to stay sober. Or even go anywhere. Oblivion seems a pretty good looking option right now. After the … Continue reading

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Well…I’m back ~ dammit…

What do you see above? A weed? or a wish? I see a wish. I wish I could figure out this grief thing. One minute I’m just HIGH on life and laughing and enjoying being myself. The next I can … Continue reading

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I thought I would….

….repost this picture …. I don’t think my “daily struggle ” is as intense as it was in the first weeks and months. Learning to accept that Nick is not coming back (pause as that truck hits me once AGAIN) … Continue reading

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Thank God for that!!

They may fade over time . ..only to be brought back into sharp focus by something simple. A glance in the mirror, an aroma, a song, a photograph, whatever it may be. I have memories popping back in my mind … Continue reading

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I have no choice …

As I sit here in Aunties home, remembering ,  reminiscing ,  looking at her wonderful photos, books, and travel memories,  I realize …she DID really have the cliché  “wonderful life “. My auntie was, at times, larger than life. She’s … Continue reading

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There are days….

….when I feel I can’t do this anymore. When I miss Nick, or Auntie , or even  Julie and G’ma Lola to the point I am paralyzed, unable to continue a normal day when memories visit . . . …..when … Continue reading

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Last night was spent doing something that had me on my knees in tears and pain. But on occasion I feel the need to do this.  Sometimes I have to make sure he was real. That we WERE together. That … Continue reading

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