Mother Nature and stupid roofers…

A painful process has begun in my life…thanks to Mother Nature and some stupid roofers.

This room is on the west side of my house, the side the wind likes to rip the roof apart on some occasions…..The room I didn’t want to deal with … YET.

Some shingles came off the crappy roofing job they did, then Mother Nature decided to LET LOOSE THE HEAVENS. I don’t even KNOW how much rain we got….


It trickled down through the missing shingles, onto the attic floor and onto this ceiling. It’s ruined. This half of the room doesn’t show it but starting about where you can see the overhead light back…..ya, the half you can’t see is disgusting and needs ripped out. It also went down the wall by the window and the door.

So I’ve been sorting through this stuff with K’s help. I’d never get it done if I didn’t have someone taking the boxes and putting them where they can continue on their journey to storage, basement for eBay listings, or to the wood stove where everything to do with the child and his bitch will be going. He doesn’t deserve anything from this room. I always told him actions had consequences.

It’s mostly Nick’s stuff. Stored for 10 years and never used. From the closet doors back, toy cars, magazines, manuals, catalogs, paperwork, sales brochures, stickers……………thud.

Some of it’s been very interesting. I’ve discovered his cache of ‘not allowed in my HOUSE!’ magazines and movies. Wonder who the dumb-ass is, who thought it was funny, that gave him those to sneak in. I found paperwork and pay stubs from 2007. Letters and cards from people. Notes in  his handwriting…..bittersweet……

And then there was a film canister with an item inside that brought back a FLOOD of memories. I laughed at first because that was ALWAYS the reaction every time Nick or I found that thing hidden in a box… then last night, when I found it……..laughter, smiling as I remembered…..then the tears came as once again I realize he is gone.

just gone.


Right now, this is my front room. To the left and right are storage areas behind the walls with access doors. Well hidden.These boxes are going back there for now. All the Matchbox sized cars. The bigger ones? getting listed on eBay. I don’t know if they will go, I just want them gone. The manuals, sales brochures, repair guides too. All will be gone. I hope.

I really want my house back. It looks like a FREAKIN’ tornado went dancing through!

Y’all have a nice day….

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6 thoughts on “Mother Nature and stupid roofers…

  1. I hope you are going to make those roofers fix what they fucked up. Well Boo, eventually it will be all sorted, it takes time, and a lot of what I usually don’t have lately…patience, we just moved, and I was so friggin glad when we finally got everything organized. I wish you the best with all this Boo! 😀

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