“You sound better!”


Last night, I met my friend Terry for supper at The Old Crow downtown. We had some good appetizers, then she had a beef brisket sandwich, I had a salad. All were very good! The pretzels and cheese?? OMG…YUM!!

I haven’t seen Terry since mid September.  She was somewhat amazed at how much better I sounded than the last time we were together. “You look good and sound so much better. You were all over the board the last time we talked. ”

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm that doesn’t sound good but then there is a lot I don’t recall.

Julis sign.jpeg

I feel like I’ve ‘turned a corner’ to coin a phrase….I feel better. My thoughts seem to be clearer.  I don’t feel like I’ll break if someone touches me. I am calmer. I’m frustrated with the wood stove till I get it figured out (which I think I did last night) and instead of walking away and turning the thermostat back up? I got it crankin’ and raised the temp in the house. I’m proud of myself. I DID IT MYSELF……tonight Earn and I will be throwing in more wood as I got what was in the basement all stacked up. She and I will do this together to help her understand what 2 women alone must do to survive. (OK, that sounds dramatic but I HATE LP HEAT!!! Bring on the wood baby!!) I feel myself getting better. I feel healthier, not so tired. My legs don’t hurt as much. I think I’m sleeping better. I’m not eating Tums like they are candy anymore…..


Christmas is getting closer and closer. I’m not feeling so apprehensive about it like I was a week ago. Time to start wrapping what I have in order to see what I need to get. I’ll wrap Earn’s stuff while she is gone this weekend. I’m looking forward to some time alone alone. She’s always upstairs or on my futon and I LOVE having her there. But I do need some really alone time.



Oh look!!! Frosty’s baby picture!!!


I must be getting my sense of humor back cause this just FLOORED me today!!


I have much to live for, and I will live for it better if I’m healthy!! ~HAL

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2 Responses to “You sound better!”

  1. fredrieka says:

    hope you have a great Holiday. One step at a time. Do not be surprised if you take a step back. It will not be the end of you just a moment of reflection

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