Back to feeling lost….


Things need to scar over soon or I’ll be crazier than normal.

Have you ever heard a song and it made you cry.jpg

I have 3 that make me do that…..or 4….or is it 5?


I’m blessed to be alive. I’m blessed with 3 incredible children and 10 beyond incredible grandchildren and 3 more foster grandchildren….I have to remember this when I am feeling lonely and down.

I used to do a blog whenever I’d get a particularly funny phone call. I called it One Ringy Dingy from Ernestine by Lily Tomlin. The following are two examples.

Me: RE
Caller: Would you like to get molested?
Me: OMG YES!!!!!!

(ya, it was Nick)
TMI? Tough. I’d forgotten about this one. I just chuckled yesterday when I ran across this in my archives. I’m so glad I kept it. He did love me.

Me: RE
Caller: Is B there?
Me: Hang on and let me see if he’s still here….
Caller: OK
Me: B? Are you in for Larry?
I can hear B mutter “that’s like asking if I’m waiting for a toothache…..”

I’ve not been keeping track of the good ones I’ve gotten lately. Some of them just FLOORED me. But my customers know me at 18+ years of working here, and they know what they can and cannot get away with when they call.

They all pretty much put a smile on my face.

In the unity of creation I can hope to find my love again. ~HAL

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