The Gone Me….


Well there is no way I’m the old me anymore. I’ve been through too much over the last few years.

I started going back through my blog archives and NOW I can see the pattern. He was sick in 2012 and Mayo failed to find it. Stomach problems, losing weight, why didn’t they put the camera into his stomach WAY back then??????

And I just signed up for insurance with this hospital on Tuesday night.


It WILL be brought up on my first visit. They will have to earn my trust now.

I do miss the old me. The one that could remember anything, full of self confidence, courage, strength. Sometimes I think I just live to get home and crank up my stereo. I’ll get back a semblance of me….just not the old one.

And maybe this one will be a better me……….?

I will bless my neighbor. May my neighbor bless me.  ~HAL

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3 thoughts on “The Gone Me….

  1. If the human body were so simple as to be able to be diagnosed by another human correctly every time it would be a miracle. Rich’s cancer was dismissed as ‘asthma’, ‘a cold’, ‘nothing’. Then two ER docs one from Viroqua and one from Boscobel advised him to insist on seeing ENT. 18 months after the first visit for the swollen lymph node they said… have Cancer!

    I think in order to find yourself again? I don’t have that answer. Just look for something good in each day?

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