I feel crafty now….*shudders*


I found this idea on a post on Facebook that referenced Pinterest. I get flowers pretty regular from a dear friend of mine. The last time included these cool cedar branches.  I knew I had a pickle crock, this cedar, the little red berried and flower spears……so off I went playing.  It looked good but something was missing. I knew I had a couple of birch branches on my wood pile….but as you can see…..


No flippin’ way…….So I put on my heavy duty snow boots, my down coat, scarf, hat mittens, and traipsed out in the snow to find a birch branch. I got lucky. I have two trees in my yard.


I may have to retake this photo with the white stuff behind it but I do really like how this thing turned out. I have it on this chair next to my tree. I love it. I might actually be getting in the Christmas spirit………………………? nah. It will take going to church for that to happen.

I had the 3yr old grandson this weekend. He’s changed. He’s in the terrible two stage and talk about selective hearing! Wow! Pout at the drop of a hat…I used to get hugs and kisses like crazy and that’s stopped. He’s better when Mommy isn’t around but omg when Mommy shows up? Instant crab to me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Lennox and the animals cropped.JPG

He’s laying with his back against Jegs, the dog, and his head against Sprint the cat. They felt the need to snuggle around him. All night. At least he is still being nice to them.

And so begins the week leading up to my first Christmas alone. I’m not looking forward to it. I can feel it building up already to being a bad week. I have so much to do and I’ve been putting it off because then I have to deal with the fact that Nick is gone and it’s Christmas. And I’m alone without him. Today on the way to work it was sinking in and it was difficult to drive and think.  I can feel myself pulling inward again and I feel a need to just be left alone again.

I don’t like this feeling. I am hoping that spending some time in the chapel will help. And spending some time at Portland always grounds me. We’ll see if it still does this year.

I know that talking about a loved one is good medicine. ~HAL

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