This is going to be ……

….my new ‘motto’…..I’m going to go do more things like I want to. I’m going to go places and see people and try new things. Why? Because I can.

California, Maine, ITALY!! Here I come!!

its better to look back.jpg

OK, yesterday I mentioned my new color on my cupboards. I’m lovin’ it. I need 28 drawer/door pulls….$70 later…I’m lovin’ it. It’s really brightening up my kitchen and giving it a whole new look. Which is what I am trying to do. I need something different….Making this house mine for now. I want to get it upgraded so I can sell it.

Here are the cupboards when I started. You can see the brown on the right. First coat on the left without the drawer pulls.

cupboards-during  Cupboards.jpg

……………………………………………………….The same section done with the pulls attached.

The place has appreciated over $20K since I bought it…I would like that to keep going……even if it is sending my freaking property taxes thru the roof. Up another $300…………FOR WHAT???? Some paint?? Jaysus!

My son has talked of putting down some ceramic tile that looks like wood.  I’d like to do that. So we’ll need to get that picked out this week yet. This means pulling out the stove too. I don’t like the idea of pulling the dishwasher because that puppy was a BITCH to get in that spot.

But I really want my kitchen done. I hate that I can scrub till I’m blue in the face and it still looks like crap. PAINT FIXES ALMOST ANYTHING! I need to get some urethane to coat it when I’m done. I should get it tonight. Do each section as I paint it.

I’m going to check into a new bottom drawer for my stove too. The one on there (also circa 1988) is starting to rust. Time for fun stuff for ME.

~~Today I leave you to think on the following: The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ~ Bertrand Russell

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12 thoughts on “This is going to be ……

    1. But I haven’t done the floor yet. The wood you see in the background is the original 1916 Hardwood Maple tongue and groove. The green crap in front of the cupboards is getting torn out. Haven’t decided on what I’m putting down yet.

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      1. Buff out the floors and keep, but what I was saying is that New would tile they make is nice especially for kitchens. What I don’t know about it, is how well it holds up on the long haul.

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      2. Oh….not touching the dining room floor….that’s the perfect honey color to go with the walls. The kitchen floor is rotted under the old fridge. It leaked water and I’ll have to rip all of it out and start new…dang it. Thinking a darker oak…but I have to see what they have available first. A ceramic tile looking like wood will outlast me.

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      3. Good on keeping the wood. Most places give you samples to play with to see what goes with what you got. Slate would complement the cupboards and being neutral the floors, but even those comes in shades. Colors don’t come across too well online, so it’s hard to say. I watch a lot of HGTV, can’t you tell? LOL

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      4. I especially like Jo and Chip. They are like “real” people. Not fake like Flip or Flop. Although I love much of their style and funky choices which are less predictable. I get tired of the PB antics. They get old, but they are still good.

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