I didn’t have a choice…..

you dont know this new me i put my parts back together differently.jpg

I know I am not the same me. As it says above…..I put back my pieces differently. I can tell it in my mind set. I’m not the in a relationship person I was. I’m single now; and I’m going to have some fun. I deserve it.

I’m going to get my house all done……Check out the photo of my kitchen.  I’m loving the ‘distressed’ look. The cupboards on the right will be left untouched till my son gets done replacing the floor. The God awful tile is LEAVING. The new fridge goes in the hole on the right.


I will lose all 3 of these cupboards. The new fridge is a LOT taller than the old one. And wider. So Brandon will be putting open shelves down this side. Hopefully one will be wide enough for the microwave. Stones and cast iron pans will be stored on them.


I’ll be starting on the top cupboards tonight.


So above is before…….

After will come……………….after.

~I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day. ~Frank Sinatra

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6 thoughts on “I didn’t have a choice…..

  1. Looking forward to the “after” pictures when it is all done. I think this is good, changing things up and making it yours. xoxo


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