What a weekend…..

We need to do that once a month!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahah omg! thud.

What an awesome good time this weekend! Holly hosted a weekend getaway. 5 of us gathered between Friday night and late Saturday afternoon for a stitch and bitch and let’s see how drunk we can get Sue to get rid of her cold!….ugh.


We had a WONDERFUL time. I got some new Crochet ideas. Everyone got to see all the other’s current projects and we decided we are going to make this an annual thing. Holly in January, I’m planning on hosting one in May around my fire pit…Hopefully Tammy and Karen will each do one too.

I wiped out on some cement steps on Friday as I was leaving town. Thought I’d broken my right arm. There’s a nasty bruise on my elbow and forearm. Got my back but I’m not seeing a bruise on it. Got two spots on my left forearm and something musta hit my nose as that was sore all weekend, and not from my cold.

When I awoke Saturday morning…I could barely move my head. My shoulders and neck were stiff. I jarred myself pretty good apparently. Tammy rubbed some oils into my neck and it’s feeling much better today. My right arm, however……ow. I am a hurting unit today.

But, I’ll be OK. I’m a Midwest Farmer’s daughter. We are tough.


My life isn’t going the way I want or expected. So it’s time to shut some doors and start over. Too many people were telling me I need to do this, that and the other thing without taking into consideration what I want or need. So it’s time to back up and start over.

And do what I want. Because you know something? It is MY life.

~~Today I’ll leave you with the following thought: Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. ~Henry Ford

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5 thoughts on “What a weekend…..

  1. Yikes! Nothing like a good falling down to remind us we aren’t as young as we used to be! Nor do we heal as fast! Sorry Boo, all the best for a quick recovery! ❤ ❤

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  2. First of all, if someone is not standing in YOUR shoes, they should not tell you what to do…plain and simple. If people are affecting you in a negative away, sweep them out of your life. Whoops, not trying to tell you what to do, just letting you know I support your decisions.

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    1. I’m just not understanding what is going on so it’s time to back up and start over. Granted, I’ve made some dumb decisions the last few months, I plead unbelievable grief as the cause. So it’s time to just ‘be’.


  3. I think the “telling” people do so wanting to be helpful and are assuming you aren’t thinking straight yet and maybe they have the remedy. They are solvers. Been there done that. My family, especially the grand kids have no trouble telling their grandma to “go suck an egg!” Obviously not in those words. Far more gently but I get it. LOL Remember most people do it out of love and so its up to you to set the boundaries. Just tell them gently to “go suck and egg!” See? I can’t help myself!

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