So I’ve been sitting here…..

…..trying to figure out a title for this post……Nothing comes to mind so I’m just gonna dive in.


I’ve been loving having my music cranked up. It makes me feel so much better. But apparently my daughter doesn’t like it so I can’t do this anymore. And since she doesn’t go to friends houses much at all, then I am not home alone to do it and make myself feel good.

I need to get the speakers in my car repaired so I can at least have 25 minutes on the way to work and 25 more on the way home. Looking online for speaker repair yields nothing. Crap.


I have gotten hooked on this show. I LOVE It….Chris Colfer (way on the left) is just ADORABLE!! I love the music and dancing and Mr. Shoe? num.

What’s with this weather?? -23° again this morning with windchill…..I’m so ready for spring.

Or maybe I’m wishing there was more time between his leaving me and now…hoping the pain of losing him diminishes. There are days I’m OK. The last few nights haven’t been those kind of days. I’ve found myself remembering something and BAM it hits me anew. Then I go to my Gallery and watch videos where I can see him and hear his voice. Sometimes I lose it, sometimes I just sit there listening, soaking him back into me.

I’m still writing to him every day in my Journal. But for some reason I’m finding less to say. Maybe I’m getting ready to move on. I don’t know. I just know something has to happen here.


Yesterday was #6 Grandson’s 3rd birthday. So Mommy, #6, Uncle B and his daughter, the above little one (she’s my #2 granddaughter) met me at Pizza Hut for lunch. It was a good time. This little bug gave me such a wonderful hug and let me smooch on her while she giggled… heart about burst. She’s so adorable, funny, intense, and pretty as a bug’s ear. I hear she is a Mini Boo. *snortz* Thank you for the compliment but I don’t have dimples like that! What I did figure out is that I need more time with all of them. They lift my spirits like no one else does.

So as soon as I can get everything I need to, sold, I’ll be looking for a house across the river. I love my kids and grandkids…..and I have decided I just cannot be without them close. Yesterday with the two little ones…proved that to me.

So this Spring will be a big push to sell everything I possibly can from Nick’s car parts stock. If I do an auction or if I do a HUGE yard sale that will be heavily promoted….I don’t care. I have a few guys I can send parts with to car swap meets and such.

I want this stuff gone so I can move ‘home’….I need to be a bit closer to mom and dad since they are both in their 80’s. It’s time to start a new chapter in my life. The one that starts with “Well….I’m alone now…………….”

~This is most likely true……..Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.  ~Benjamin Disraeli

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This IS true……

you will never find another me not sure if that is good or bad.jpg

Sometimes these are pretty funny and yet hit right to the heart.

You WILL never find another like me. I am ME…unique in my own way.

Today is my #6 grandson’s 3rd birthday. I get to have lunch with him today! Pizza Hut! No fear…I’m doing the Salad Bar……

~Today I leave you to ponder the following: Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives. ~C.S. Lewis

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I may be in a place….

…where the only way is UP.


I’m working on that now. Sorting my house out. I think it looks better in there. Moved some furniture around, making things a little less full…..Opened up my office some……So far so good.

My friend Tom from IL is coming this weekend. It will be nice to see him again. He’s my date for the car club Christmas party. He’ll fit right in with his Y-blocks. Or as Judy calls them, Why Blocks? heh heh heh.

I can’t wait to get the truck back down to Byron for Meltdown Drags.

Nicks truck with stencil 001.JPG

Nick met Tom at Jefferson car show and swap meet…and that’s how we got involved with going to Byron. (Tom lives down that direction) Nick’s truck, now mine, sits at the head of the track. Known as the track truck, they use it to run down the drag strip and check things out after a mishap. This truck is in a lot of the videos on YouTube. Look for Meltdown Drags.

All my weekends are filling up again. Getting tired of it. At least this weekend Tom is coming here so  don’t have to run, except for the Christmas party Sat night.

Keep me on the lookout for someone who needs me now.  ~~HAL


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