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Where DO I go from here?

This is where I am heading now. I’m kind of liking my own company. I’m kind of liking making my own decisions on what to do, where to go, whom to see. Not at first …. wow…. that was ROUGH. … Continue reading

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I’m too old to go sledding now…

Or maybe it was that UPHILL CLIMB where, after 15 minutes, the Ranger Mudbogger came and picked Lennox and me up. *pant pant* omg. Holy cow! I need to do that every day for a month. I’d be in shape … Continue reading

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I’d like to think I was…..

….and still am….although there are days I wonder. I know Nick was. He was a force to be reckoned with most days. I’m trying to get my mind made up about parking the Escape in my garage. However, I have … Continue reading

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Only HOW MANY days till spring??

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahahah felt like it this morning! Just a light hearted post today. I have to think what I want to say about a sojourn into the garage last night.

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This will ALWAYS crack me up….

Well….today let’s talk about stupid drivers. Saw several this morning, as usual, but ONE really took the cake. First a review. When a SCHOOL BUS has it’s yellow flashing lights on, what do you do? Especially when you see school … Continue reading

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Wednesday Whingeing….

whinge (wɪndʒ) vb (intr) , whinges, whingeing or whinged 1. to cry in a fretful way 2. to complain n :  a complaint I used to do a post every week I called Wednesday Whingeing. Anyone could ‘whinge’ or complain … Continue reading

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Tuesday thoughts…..

There are days when I wonder. Tell me? Are my posts getting ‘brighter’? Less maudlin about Nick and more about me moving on? I just want to enjoy life again and constantly being upset about Nick is preventing that. I’m … Continue reading

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