So another day dawns….



And I’m still here. The last week, life has been pretty rough…I’m ready to give up on people.


I find myself doing this……….more and more as time goes by and things keep going wrong. I NEVER try to hurt people intentionally. That has happened too many times to me. I’m just normally a happy person around people and try to have fun. But the things I hear I supposedly have done…………………wow. Just wow.



And I always will……that never will ever change for me. It’s not saying I won’t move along and find someone new to love. It just won’t be the intense love of my life love I had with you, Nick.



I just liked this one………..snortz


Inner Peace begins when  you choose.jpg

I have a friend coming up from down Milwaukee way this weekend. I’m looking forward to it.I think we’ll get on just fine.

I have a chili feed I’m entering my recipe in and a party Saturday night that I’m actually looking forward to for the first time.  My guest said they don’t drink so they’ll drive if I care to imbibe. WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!


Response from a friend when I told him “Guess I’m just not sexy enough anymore. You men think once we get past 40 we are done. hell…..I’m in the prime!!

His response: Don’t group me in with “you men”  I bet you are in your prime!  Really only one way to test that out though. If needed I could certify your status for any future guys too! I know your certifiable!  I hope the certificate has lots of check boxes to test, wonder if there are different levels of qualification. This could be a whole new industry, sexual certification for woman over 50.  Of course at least an annual inspection would be needed for re-certification.  Maybe an annual or monthly (that sounds better) test drive.

OMG I LAUGHED so hard I about ..well never mind…..just what I needed!! This guy is SUCH  a goof!! He keeps me laughing too…..

Today I’ll leave you with Animal….Read on and laugh….


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4 Responses to So another day dawns….

  1. fredrieka says:

    Love that last one 😂he sounds great hope you have a good time

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ronda says:

    It’s unfortunate we find out who our true friends are when we go through something 😦 Weed them out, you don’t need them! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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