Well, yesterday won…..


I really figured I’d be doing better by now. At times, I seem to be getting worse. Could be because I watched THAT episode of Glee….and Finn’s Mom’s ‘speech’ got me. It was all I could do to breathe through the tears.

And then I have friends , ha! friends, blasting me from each side.

Ungrateful bitch (wow…..just wow)

You did this starting last March. (Last MARCH??? March?? almost a YEAR ago??)

I can’t believe you commented on HIS post!!  (um….ya…and my response had NOTHING to do with YOU!)

You wanted me to travel in a blizzard!! (are you KIDDING ME???)

Stringing 5 guys along! It’s disgusting!!! (don’t have ANY but that’s none of their business)

You don’t have the corner on the market for grief!!! (Oh wow……I already KNEW that but scream it at me again why don’tcha??)

You got mad because I didn’t come for that weekend. (You had the concert tickets of a LIFETIME!)

This is bullshit…you should just SAY you didn’t want to go! (Wait … WHAT? to something I suggested and helped PLAN??)

None of which is true. These people only know what I CHOOSE to let them know. So based on this limited info, the above is what I’ve heard and read.


Amazing. So much for friendly support.

What I do in my life is now completely and totally MY business. It’s no longer up for discussion with anyone to help me get through things. I’ll be turning to people who actually CARE. I cannot even begin to delve deep enough into how much this has hurt. All of this has been over the last couple of weeks. And each time, I just sat there or stood there blinking and thinking back …. I wouldn’t say that kind of shit.

And I wonder why I am not doing better.

Keep the people in your life who help, not hinder. I don’t have as many of those types as I thought.



About Boo

Grandmother to 10....no 11....or is it 12 now? Getting back into life after losing the love of my life to cancer. Read my struggles with daily life........or don't. But I hope it helps ONE person get thru the same thing I went thru......
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12 Responses to Well, yesterday won…..

  1. Ronda says:

    😦 ❤ ❤

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  2. A Perfectmindstorm says:

    Hugs hugs hugs. Ignore them, ignore them all .


  3. fredrieka says:

    Everyone grieves in a different way and different pace. Even the most stalwart will stagger backwards into the depth of grief. It has been my experience that friends and family have a tendencity to expect each person to grieve as they do. Expectations is the biggest downfall of friendships and marriages

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  4. Teresa says:

    It is sad how grief can show a person’s true colors. No one can tell you how to live your life. Do what makes you happy or able to get through this hard time. Haters will always hate. And some people will try and keep you in a box they feel comfortable with. You have every right to spread your wings and do what you think is best for you. Those who love you will let you be you.

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