Happy Valentine’s candy is 75% off day!!!

Valentines  Feb 15.jpg

So these showed up for me today. No name on the card…so I don’t know who to thank….


Gonna drive me nuts till I find out! And for me, most days? that’s a short trip.

organ donar


One day I hope to meet the two men who got Nick’s cornea’s. I’m so pleased to know he helped two men to see again. I’m just sorry that’s all he could donate. The cancer must have spread really fast to not be able to use anything else from him like he’d hoped.

laundry in oven

That’s happened a lot lately. Not that I’m putting clothes in the oven…..that I can’t remember much. I make notes to remind me where I put my notes. My shoes? ha! sheesh…I need to take them off in the same place every night……

a walking goddess

I’m workin’ on this. I have the hair now. *love you LISA!!* My clothes are fitting better even tho the scale is laughing at me. Summer is coming and I think I’m going to join the Y.

I can do what I want to do and I’m going to do it.

never be a woman who needs a man.jpg

Y’all have a nice day…..


About Boo

Grandmother to 10....no 11....or is it 12 now? Getting back into life after losing the love of my life to cancer. Read my struggles with daily life........or don't. But I hope it helps ONE person get thru the same thing I went thru......
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6 Responses to Happy Valentine’s candy is 75% off day!!!

  1. fredrieka says:

    Last 2 years I bought half off sweetheart rose bushes. Planted them in the spring, turns out they are my best bloomers

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  2. Valerie says:

    I bought flowers for myself at a discount today. I enjoyed them at $2. However, Valentine’s is a sucky day…LOL, reminds me of the day I married the EX!

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