I’m too old to go sledding now…

Or maybe it was that UPHILL CLIMB where, after 15 minutes, the Ranger Mudbogger came and picked Lennox and me up. *pant pant* omg. Holy cow! I need to do that every day for a month. I’d be in shape and lose all the weight……


I’m trying to let loose and live again. I knew it would be difficult but sometimes the simplest decision becomes monumental when you feel you are doing something wrong even though you aren’t. I relied on Nick for SO many answers. I’m only now coming to understand JUST how many.


I really need to get up to visit him again. I always have a good talk when I’m there. I’ve been reading back through this journal, remembering…..And I can actually breathe while reading most of them. Some still knock me down….but for the most part it’s somewhat easier.


I will always miss him with an intensity that can surprise most people. What he and I had was special………..Something I don’t know if I will ever get close to again.

But one can have hope………..

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4 Responses to I’m too old to go sledding now…

  1. Val Ewing says:

    LOL, love sledding, glad you had some fun this weekend. I was in Baraboo exploring.

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