What day is it Mike????


I’m one day closer to California! I cannot wait to get there. And while I am there? the time will FLY by. Just watch.

These winds are NUTS! My lawn is a freakin’ mess!! It’s going to take 4 men and 3 small children to get it all cleaned up.

Well…I did it. Took the leap. I actually have a date. From way on the south side of town. Yes, very nervous. Fingers crossed. Right now it’s just supper out. I will be meeting him there. I don’t need him knowing where I live. Yet. And that’s all I am going to say about it. Unless it goes well of course! heh heh heh…


Tonight is the car club meeting. Thursday and Friday night I’m busy. MIGHT be picking up a car to test drive over the weekend. Friend coming from Racine so I need to get the house straightened up. Earn and I got some done last night….trying to put the kitchen/dining room back. I have several cupboards to figure out where to put. It seems to never end.

But I love my new kitchen floor!!! I should get a new photo with the fridge in there. LOVE it.kitchen floor new.jpg

Just plain LOVE it. This color and the paint….wow. I’m feeling more and more energetic so I am trying to get this house ready. To stay or to sell. I don’t know yet. Not a decision to make in the next year yet.

And I’m off to adjust MY sails…….Have a GREAT day!

adjusting the sails

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5 Responses to What day is it Mike????

  1. kateylb says:

    I have missed a whole lot……. sighs.
    Where and when are you going to Cali?

    Your kitchen sure enough is looking great!!

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