Day 4 again….

thursday-day-4-of-hostage             we are THISCLOSE to it being Friday

Well yesterday was a big day!!

I made a major decision on my own based on things Nick taught me. I found out dear friends are moving away. (major sniffle) and *gasp* tonight is my date. MAJOR nerves!

I’m very comfortable talking with this guy on text. In person will be a whole new ball game. I told my car club about him last night. I let them know he has a ’68 brand X (think it’s a Camaro but my mind is mush). OH NO!!! We’ll bring him over from the dark side!!! Hey? Can I MEET him first??? Sheesh! But they are all very supportive. I’m glad, because they all loved Nick. I’ll ask him a question and it’s ‘Of course, silly.’ Apparently my new name is Silly. OK, then!

So I made a huge purchase last night. No, I didn’t buy a house…..yet. Although down the line, I will be moving back to Minnesota. That’s another long story for another day so remind me OK?

I think I’ll wait till I have some photos before I tell you.

Teaser! I know. Sorry. I love to surprise people……..

alcohol makes you lean.jpg This one STILL cracks me up.


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5 Responses to Day 4 again….

  1. A Perfectmindstorm says:

    I hope you enjoy your date Silly 😉 ANd dang it, get a picture of whatever it is you bought. I hate waiting haha. Get a picture of the date too 😀

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  2. Ronda says:

    Hope you have a great time! 😘


  3. Christine says:

    Oh, first date jitters. I am laughing because I just wrote a short story called Power Up. It is about a first date. You probably shouldn’t read it till after the date. Bwahahaha

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