Be alive with me….


Since my trip to California, I feel like I’m really coming back to the land of the living. My thought process is getting better. I’m remembering more every day things. I am doing OK.

Then I get slammed with Heather’s death. I will be OK tho. Sometimes I think it’s just gonna roll off my back, then I think of her sister Heidi and I lose it for a bit. But I am bouncing back faster.

I decided I am not going to date anyone who knew Nick. I just want to put that part of my life in the past to pull out when I want to or need to, and not be reminded all the time. I want to think of Nick when I want to, when I am prepared to, when I can deal with it.

I have a new man in my life that makes me smile and laugh.

He lost his wife to cancer. So he knows how I feel, I know how he feels.

Added bonus?

He didn’t know Nick.

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5 thoughts on “Be alive with me….

    1. I think we can. We both know how the other feels/felt. Losing a spouse is ….. heartrending that I think it almost has to be someone who has gone thru something like that needs to be the one to help you. I had one friend who helped me more than he will ever understand. But he hasn’t lost a spouse. He lost a friend in Nick.


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