I found this one

I am the storm

………a few weeks ago. A friend sent it to me again last night .

6 months ago I would have let the storm take me. Even 3 months ago. I felt so weak and frail. My mind wouldn’t let me take charge of anything. I questioned EVERY decision I made.

But now?

Nope….I AM the storm. I am taking my life back and doing what I want to do.

And it feels GOOD.

I will always love Nick with a passion. I will always miss him because he was a HUGE part of my life and taught me SO much. He loved me so much. But I have to let go of the past and live MY life. I came to grips with SO many things when I was in California.

Maybe my running up Hwy 1 in the Mustang convertible did it. That was OUR trip. WE were sposed to do it. And it got slammed into me that it was now up to ME to do the things we planned. Alone.

And savor each memory.

I love you, Nick…..Rest now my love.

I’ve got this.

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