I took off his rings last night…..


If I am going to start on this new path in my life, and I am going to, I have to veer off the old one. That means I take off his wedding ring. I take off the ring I bought him in Mexico. I take his photo out of my cell phone case and I remove the photos of him from ALL over my house. I still want to keep this series up somewhere….


I still think my daughter in law needs to enter them in a contest. They are just that good…doesn’t matter what the subject is……but I’ll move them out of my living room. Probably put them in the stairway. The ones of him with Jack Rousch? I may mix those in with the drawings in the far corner of the living room. Those are too priceless to just let go upstairs and get lost.

but man……my right hand looks bare today.

I took off my wedding ring in January. I had to get the diamond setting fixed on the engagement ring, then I had it soldered to the wedding band…..and then I put it in it’s velvet box and placed it in my jewelry armoire. I will put his in with mine when I get home. And they will stay tucked away. Maybe one day I’ll give Nick’s wedding band to Lennox to wear to have something of Papa’s. Maybe one day I’ll give Megann his silver ring to let her have something more of her dad’s.

His rings      no rings.jpg

But for now…I’ll hold onto them.

I feel like I’m selling off or getting rid of so much of his stuff. I have to. I need to get my house back. I need to make it ALL mine. So I can start down this new life path.


And I have to believe this.

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