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Find your happy….

I can’t wait to stomp in puddles! Especially when I have a friend walking next to me. wearing shorts and socks with their sandals. Hey they deserve it! I already drive with the windows down, SINGING at the top of … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking….

My daughter goes home in less than 2 months. June 15th. I’m going to be a mess when she walks thru that gate. In fact I am tearing up just writing this. Daughter has been a JOY since she got … Continue reading

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Yesterday was Sad Day…

Today is a Happy/Sad day. Happy that my friend finally sold his house and can now do what he wants to do instead of being tied to his past and remnants of a bad marriage. He’s moving on. I’m very … Continue reading

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I have nothing today…

……….except this.  I had this at one time. He chose not to continue our relationship. That still makes me sad. For some reason it seems to be a sad kind of day. I really need to get outside.

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I CALL BS…pardon my language

From an article on the death of child star Erin Moran: Her distance from her California support system of former child stars may have contributed to her struggles, according to Paul Petersen, of the child-actor advocacy group A Minor … Continue reading

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Alfred Hitchcock is alive, well, and filming in my yard!

(key horror movie music) As I stepped to the window, they all took off. My yard was black from these birds. It was freaky. They all flew up and landed in my trees….looking down on my lawn.  Or me. I’m … Continue reading

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My kitchen….

This is what the ugly thing started out like. After my son put my stove where it belonged, a new counter top and added a breakfast bar. Then I got sick of the wood because I could NOT scrub it … Continue reading

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