My favorite coffee cuppa….



Daughter gave it to me for Christmas. She knows me SO well!! She’s turned into the most AMAZING young woman and I love her so much. She figured it out……xooxoxo

a day without coffee

And of course, this goes hand in hand with the cuppa…..

I spent an hour on the phone with my new guy last night. No, I’m not ready to reveal his name yet. I will when I’m ready. I just told my best friend his name 2 days ago. For some reason I just want to keep him close to the vest. This may just be a real thing lasting for the rest of my life. Something I didn’t think I’d find again. So I don’t want things to get messed up.  With my luck………………?

Today I leave you with the puppy question…..

is monday gone yet

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2 Responses to My favorite coffee cuppa….

  1. Jim says:

    ugh! don’t talk so loud.

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