What a freakin’ NIGHT??

GOOD MORNING!! ……………not

nude photo of me in the dark

I did not get a whole lotta sleep in last night. I was on the phone and Facebook messenger video call till God knows when with my new guy. The puppy, Bodhi wouldn’t shut up in his kennel, as usual, so I pulled him on the bed with Jegs, Sprint and I. He only slept for a couple hours before he started fidgeting so back to the kennel he went with a stern finger in his face to BE QUIET.  Daughter and friend decided to go to a bonfire at 11:30pm to “only be gone an hour Mom” and 3:22am Arlo let me know they were back. 5am both dogs needed out. Alarm off at 6am………….crikey! No wonder I get no sleep!!

Shelter Cove cuppa.jpg

So here’s my cuppa coffee today……Jim told me to go get some coffee but I already had it.  I don’t know how much good caffeine will do ~yawn~ but we’ll try it. Shelter Cove is the place in California I went. I can’t wait to get back there.

Lunch with daughter today. I’m looking forward to it…..she’s a joy.

*cough cough hack hack…oh look…a lung!* Wish THAT would go away…..

Y’all have a NICE day…..

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4 Responses to What a freakin’ NIGHT??

  1. Jim says:

    yeh, that coughing part gave me a nice visual. thanks.

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