It’s Friday!

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I talked to my g/f Tammy last night. Told her how I can’t seem to shake this cold. It’s more than a cold now. But that lousy shot in my heel was over $650 so who can afford to go to the doc even WITH insurance?? $338 for office visit and $337 for the shot. Took a whopping 15 minutes. WTF!!

Anyway, Tammy told me I have a couple of essential oils from Young Living in my kit, I should put Purification in my bedroom diffuser and rub a drop of RC along my nose and on my forehead over sinuses.


OMG…within 2 minutes I was PRODUCTIVELY coughing. That lasted about 15 minutes then it stopped and I could BREATHE! I slept all night without coughing. Wish I would have talked to her sooner! Young Living Essential Oils people…..holy COW! Thieves? If you can’t breathe because you can feel the congestion in your chest? Rub 2 lines from below your chin, on each side of your windpipe….down to your chest….within 2-3 minutes, you can feel it ‘let go’ and you can breathe.

I know I know, I sound like an ad. I was NOT a believer. “one more home based business that wants to take your money.” Well? It works. I’m LOVING it. I even bought a second diffuser for my living room. SO worth the money! Seriously, people, just get a sample of Thieves when you have a cold and try it just like I said. Something that actually WORKS.

Anyway……I get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Sunday not so much. Saturday will be doing not much of anything since I don’t have enough recycling to make a trip into town. I have a couple friends coming to get some stuff to sell at Jefferson for me. Saturday night? Maybe a bonfire again. I should check the weather.

Sunday, Earn and I are going to Church with my folks, out to dinner, then take Earn to the house I grew up in. I never realized I hadn’t done that yet. She leaves…..2 months from yesterday. *begins to tear up* June 13th, my daughter goes back to her other parents. I am REALLY gonna miss her. She has been beyond a joy. So much fun. She is my daughter and I cannot wait to get to Thailand to see her again. I’m going to have a VERY hard time sending her home just like I did with Matteo.

Earn Nov.jpg

My new Italian daughter, Margherita, added me at 2:32am and sent me a message. She’s adorable. A little younger than I am used to, but it will work out fine. She’s already sending me fun emails.

After Margherita (or Daisy as they call her) leaves, I will be taking a year off from hosting. I really do enjoy it but I would like some time without worrying about a young person at home. I have things I want to do like travel and that’s hard when you have a child at home. Earn is old enough to leave home alone, I just don’t LIKE to do that.

It’s a beautiful day. I have my Birkenstock sandals on today. I’m trying to figure out what to have for lunch. One of the guys that would give me a motorcycle ride is done at 1pm today …….. and I’m not. Dang it! It never seems to work out for us to get together. It’s a busy Friday in my mind. That’s scary.

One week left before he comes home. I’m getting butterflies.

Y’all have a NICE day…..

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