well THAT was disappointing….

Shares the first picture with Jim…. I have a friend staying with me till her new apartment is ready. She bought more coffee as mine was running low. It was Decaf….OOPPS! I’m sure she’ll stop and get the RIGHT stuff tonight. I need my starter fluid in the morning….heh heh heh… and so does she!

.starter fluid coffee

When I go into a restaurant they ask if I want regular or decaf. I always tell them the leaded. Unleaded puts me to sleep and I usually have to drive.

sx pr

Nick just laughed when I showed him this. Then we smiled. I still miss him more than life. There are days, not so often now, that I cannot wrap my head around him being gone. Even though I watched him fade away. But I’m healing. I’m doing better. I think.

I noticed I haven’t written anything about him lately. It kind of startled me. It’s not that I am forgetting him. That is simply not possible. But someone new is taking over my thoughts.  And moving Nick into my past. And after California….I’m OK with that. I have to move on. I can’t wallow in the past. I did that long enough.

I keep packing up, moving somewhere else, putting away his things. I’ll keep running across things of his, I’m sure, for many years to come. That man collected. A LOT of stuff. I have a hard time bringing myself to throw things away. My daughter, Meg, however, does not. I need her up to help me.

There are more old time car magazines, books, repair manuals, and catalogs from the last 40 years than you can shake a stick at. I should list those on Ebay. I really hate to throw all that information away. Toy cars…OMG. There are thousands of them. I have to make space in the shed to store all of this stuff. Till I can get it sold.


I have so much work to do, it’s overwhelming……

I need my downstairs shower done. I need my upstairs bedroom done. I need my kitchen finished. I need all this stuff out of my house. It’s just feeling so closed in lately. I’m going to have to move Bohdi out of my laundry room. I need more room in there. I think I’ll put him out on the screen porch and cover the kennel with some leather blankets. Give him a few more towels. He’ll be plenty warm. And I’ll have my room back. The closet in the laundry room has a bunch of his coats. I’ll have to sort them and donate or keep, box them up.

He’s everywhere I look yet. And will be no matter what because of the lives lived in my house.

But as the house gets painted and redone…..he won’t be so prevalent. That makes me sad but he did want me to move on. And I’ll do it however I can.

I will always love him.



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Grandmother to 10....no 11....or is it 12 now? Getting back into life after losing the love of my life to cancer. Read my struggles with daily life........or don't. But I hope it helps ONE person get thru the same thing I went thru......
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2 Responses to well THAT was disappointing….

  1. Jim says:

    those old manuals, books and magazines are worth money if you want to take the time to list them. same with the old toy cars.

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