Yesterday was Sad Day…

Today is a Happy/Sad day.

Happy that my friend finally sold his house and can now do what he wants to do instead of being tied to his past and remnants of a bad marriage. He’s moving on. I’m very happy for him. But sad as he’s moving to Texas. I won’t see him very often anymore. He and I have been friends for over 12 years. I will miss him a lot. If this all works out with AW, however, I’ll get to see him whenever we go to Texas. AW’s best friend lives there. So I’ll have 3 friends there and maybe Rusty in Austin will mosey on down with my Rottie pups…? Eh Rusty? One can have hope.

3 bottles of wine

This was me yesterday. And yes, if I drank all three of those (look above) I’d be doing the next thing. (Look below) I’m thinking Friday night is the perfect night for me to light a fire and toast myself. And I do mean toast by raising a glass….over, and over, and over again.

laugh until you leak

It is time for a stress release night and IF it’s not raining, I’ll be doing a bonfire after I get home from Gabe’s wake. If it’s raining? I’m going to put the fireplace on Netflix and drink in front of it. Alone. I just need to be alone right now I think. Cause I need to think.

My pup is gonna ter die. Last night, Addy came home and said, “Um Mom? (Yes, I have yet ANOTHER daughter) the front step is covered in dirt.” I’m like WTH? So I go look. Bodhi has dug in a huge flower pot. Lucky for him there was nothing planted in it yet. My front step is a MESS.

However, this morning I discovered my clematis plant all torn up all over the front step too. If putting it in water re-roots it, he may live. Regardless, he is now banished to the outdoor kennel. I’m done. Granted, he is only 6 months old but I’m done. He will not be allowed to be out where he can do this shit. He’s dug one HUGE hole, and a bunch of smaller ones. If that huge hole ruins my cement school sign? It won’t be pretty. I do NOT find it funny. After yesterday, I am beyond angry with him. No more sleeping on my bed or being in my house. I cannot take the stress of him right now. I thought he was doing SO well, then he pulls this major FU. His discipline is banishment for now till I calm down.

Y’all have a better day.

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4 Responses to Yesterday was Sad Day…

  1. rustyarmor says:

    Ah yes, the joys of pet ownership. A pup of mine destroyed two tree roses, but since I put them in her play yard, I could hardly punish her.
    I am about an hour north of Austin, between Austin and Waco. We don’t see a lot of rottie pups here, but you never know …

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  2. Dewy says:

    Oh dear may be you need to take him where it’s wild and let him use up all that energy.

    Liked by 1 person

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