I’ve been thinking….

thoughts stroll out my mouth

My daughter goes home in less than 2 months. June 15th. I’m going to be a mess when she walks thru that gate. In fact I am tearing up just writing this. Daughter has been a JOY since she got here…..Even with her inability to understand recycling. *sigh*

This photo is titled going home.  I ran across it as I was looking for the friendship one below and it changed what I was going to write today.

Earn is going home. And like Matteo, it’s gonna kill me to let her go. I’ll be alone in my house again. But I think I will be OK this time. I am stronger than I was in August when I spent 5 weeks alone in my house after Nick died.

I think I am actually looking forward to being alone. That in itself is amazing. Because even thought Earn is leaving, I will MISS her beyond words, yet I want to be by myself. Man I sound like I’m babbling but then you all can figure it out. Consider it your challenge for today.

Going Home 72015

Friendship is weird. I have a best friend that I do things with here. I have several best friends up in the cities that I do things with when I can. And I have a best friend who died and I miss beyond words.

.friendship is weird

It’s just one of those days today. Thinking, like my photo at the beginning says…

….rarely a good thing.

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9 Responses to I’ve been thinking….

  1. joliesattic says:

    I so understand. My daughter is coming out in a couple of months and I know I’ll be in a frump when she leaves.
    I love that first saying by scott westerfield. That is the story of my daughters life. LOL Gotta save that one.

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  2. A Perfectmindstorm says:

    I remember when my daughter , the youngest and living at home left to move 2600 miles away to Idaho. When I watched them drive away, I thought I was going to die, really die. I felt like I was drowning and I had this bad feeling I would never see her again. Which as we know is not true. I still talk to her all the time and have been out there several times to visit and I am enjoying the “alone” time though my granddaughter practically lived here for the last couple of years so I was so alone.
    You will get through this, like you have gotten through so much the last couple of years. And every day I see you getting stronger in the words you write. Hang in there darlin, keep following the road day by day into the future.

    Loves ya ♥♥

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    • Boo says:

      I feel myself getting stronger every day. I got thru Matteo going home. I’ll get thru Earn too. I just have a REAL hard time saying good bye. Love my Thai daughter to bits so that’s what makes it difficult. Hugs you too babe!


  3. Christine says:

    Placing things in order as life changes and challenges us is all good babble on

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