Well this might be a long one…..

lick a strangers face

My weekend. What did I do on Saturday….

Oh, recycling then home to do ……….. I can’t remember what I did between that and showering before I went to see Cullan for Prom.

Think I sorted more papers from my desk area.  Hell to get old.

Once again he was so handsome.  My grandsons make me so proud. They are such good looking boys. My second grandson was home and we got a photo too. He’s almost as tall as me now!

My granddaughters …. they are too adorable for words. Aubree…..she came to me with open arms on Saturday! Nonna’s heart just swelled up more. Jules was having a day. Turning 3 might be wearing on her.

I picked up Lennox on the way home, he and I snuggled in my chair most of the night till bedtime. Then he snuggled right up to me and the dog snuggled right up to him. Ugh.


strengthen your childs immune system

People do nothing but bitch about their kids getting sick.  This is what I did as a child. No allergies, seldom ill.  Time to wake up people and stop being so over protective.


Sunday….Up early to head to my son’s Fire Department pancake breakfast. It’s so good and the money goes to a good place. I had grandson Lennox overnight so we met his Mommy there. He smiles so nice when he sees her. It’s fun.

Then off to Winona to pick up #2 brother, then on to Rochester to meet up with #1 brother and my sister for yet another “Family Rebellion Meeting of the minds.” Cowboy Jacks in Rochester is a good place to eat. We spent two hours just having fun.

Took brother back to his truck in Winona and decided, well, I’m halfway to where Nick is, let’s just go. So we did.

I must say this was the first time I have been there that I didn’t lose it before I even got next to him. Earn and I sat and talked about him for almost 10 minutes and I did just fine. Then I asked for a bit alone with him, so Earn went back to the car.

you smell like love

I sat and talked with him, scolded him for freaking me out in the shower, let him know that Jon and I would never work out, and that I had found someone new instead. All on my own like I told him I would do. Someone who he didn’t know, that I can start fresh with. The ground didn’t open up, no squirrel ran up my pants leg and no bird crapped in my hair so I will think he approved.

This guy lost his wife to cancer 5 years ago. Maybe that’s why we get on so well. We can relate through our loss and we know how our hearts can hurt.


I received an email from my friend down by Viroqua. Her husband and Nick became good friends as they both had/have cancer when they met.

GG and Nick

When we went to their house, this is what happened. They stood like that for over an hour. We’d connect at a restaurant? First hour, they’d basically forget Val and I were there. They understood each other.

Anyway…GG had a stroke. He’s in a local hospital. I am going there tonight to see him. He just couldn’t make it to Nick’s wake or funeral. And I’ve been wanting to see them both. I hope GG will be OK with that. He’s not a people person. He’s a Vietnam Vet with PTSD, COPD and is a throat cancer survivor. One tough old bird who means a lot to me. As does his wife.


Stopped by my friend Fred’s house last night. Talked to him about my 8N Ford. Next thing I know, he’s at my house and we are taking the battery out of the tractor. It’s stone dead. I told him I’d like to move the truck topper onto the car hauler and move it back further so we can get the Fox Body Mustang out from behind the garage. Boom! It was DONE!

Then he hooked up to the old Mustang and moved it to where the car hauler had been sitting. It’s ready for Kevin to drag up on his trailer and haul away for me.

Bonus? The car hauler sat there long enough, I HAVE A READY MADE GARDEN RECTANGLE!! Time to plant!!!

The nice thing about doing this all last night? It’s got me motivated to start on my outside stuff. I want my house to look good. I’m sick of the piles of ‘things’ everywhere. There are so many things to get scraped and sold. I have a pile of radiators that ………….man. Fred said that we’d sit and take apart what we need to one weekend and I’ll take him and his wife out for supper.

He didn’t take Nick’s passing too well. Those two were pretty close. I think helping me, helps Fred. And his wife makes the BEST banana cake bars. Yum….

Told you this was going to be a long one…..so today I leave you with this:



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Grandmother to 10....no 11....or is it 12 now? Getting back into life after losing the love of my life to cancer. Read my struggles with daily life........or don't. But I hope it helps ONE person get thru the same thing I went thru......
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    Glad it was a productive one.


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    🙂 Just so you know I read this 🙂

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