What happens when…..

…..you get a compliment?

I am always at a loss as to what to say. So I usually just say ‘Thank you.’ I smile. I blush.


I am just me. I do what I do and I guess I don’t really expect accolades for it. I certainly did not expect the compliments I’ve been getting lately.

I try to tell people WELL DONE!! Jolly good! WTG BABE!!! High 5!! People need to feel good about themselves or they won’t continue to do a good job. Believe me I know all about that at my job.

See below.

compliment people magnify their strengths

Today, I got a compliment that just FLOORED me. From a completely and totally unexpected source.  So I’m going to try something I have always wanted to do. And never had the courage, the guts, the fortitude, or the encouragement to do.

Lord only knows how it will work out but at least I finally have the will to try.

please take a compliment

Seriously. I dropped my jaw.

you are just fishing for attention now.jpg

So y’all have a NICE day.

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One Response to What happens when…..

  1. Dewy says:

    I’m the same . I don’t know what to say so I thank them and just stand there like an idiot.

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