Seeing things for what they are….

remember in grade school the dandylions.jpg

….not what they’re supposed to be.

Who said Dandelions are weeds? They are actually quite useful. Pretty flowers that 3 year olds give to their mommy’s because they can REACH them and no one yells when they pick ’em.

HEY GRANDPA! WHAT’S FOR SUPPER??? Dandelion greens, ‘possum innards, and for desert? PEACH PIE!!

Wine…I hear those things make some pretty good spirits too!

Then there is this……………


I wished on a lot of those………………none came true. But when we were kids?

We believed….

I’m seeing a lot of things for what they are. Some good, some bad.

Some make me laugh till I cry.

And some just make me cry.

But I ‘feel’ again. I was afraid that was lost.

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