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Hardly looks like the same man….

Winter 1994-95. Man he had shoulders and arms…………..and legs, and and and…. June 2016 … he became a walking shell of his former self. I miss you,love. Advertisements

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Madeline Island

This is the last GOOD photo of us together. We did get one a week later at the Mustang Run but he was looking so ragged that day. And for some reason I cannot find that photo. I have it … Continue reading

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What a CRAPTASTIC kind of day….

For some reason today, I’m just NOT in the best mood. This anniversary stuff popping in my head is making me struggle more than normal. That, and some serious talking with a dear friend last night has got my mind … Continue reading

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A painful letter to write … and yet

Nick’s corneas were donated. He died at 2am, they called me at 7am. It stunned me to be contacted so soon but time is of the essence in organ donation. It’s been almost a year. They told me I could … Continue reading

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Biking…it’s good for you. Right?

My backside ain’t so sure ’bout dat right now…… Yes, I have a gel seat on my bike. No, it didn’t seem to help this time. Can gel get too hard to do any good? hmmmmmmmmmmm But I tell you! … Continue reading

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Nonna? Can we go to Cancer?

….and wake up Papa? The questions of a 3 1/2 year old. Oh my little man, I really wish we could! “Where IS Papa?” – Under your feet, so get off his stomach OK? “Why is he here?” – because … Continue reading

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2 of 6

This young man turned 17 yesterday.  We were having some AWESOME wings and fries and egg rolls at this North Side place. This ‘snow globe’ was there. If you could get the golf ball to sit on the tee, you … Continue reading

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