Here’s a nice photo of a giraffe….my favorite aminal.

So many of you know my Samsung S5 went swimming in the lake on Sunday.  Monday I went into the Verizon store and got all set up with a new S7. Or so I thought.

“It takes 2 days to ship, it will be here Wednesday.”

Good, cause I have Wednesday open, Thursday I have a board meeting, AND it’s my oldest grandson’s 17th birthday, Friday is my Pampered Chef retirement party, Saturday I have to run my truck BACK to Winona for them to fix where they put tire marks on my tailgate, Sunday I have a Graduation party and there is NO way in hello I was waiting for Monday to pick up my phone.

I get there yesterday. “um, I said it takes two days to ship and HOPEFULLY it would be here Wednesday.” Well, no you didn’t and that is why I am here on Wednesday to pick up my phone. And I said “See you Wednesday” when I left on Monday. No rebuttal to THAT.

On Wednesday morning, I tracked the phone on the email I got and it said THURSDAY. So I called the store. Oh we have an S7 in stock. Come on in, we’ll get you set up!

So I stop in on Wednesday after work to find out for some reason the Mfg does NOT track the serial or the SIM card # till AFTER the store receives and scans the bar code on the box. Um…you don’t scan the code BEFORE you ship it to make sure they get the same one?? No wonder inventory is not correct.

So they couldn’t cancel my phone from my account and set up the one they had in stock that came in on TUESDAY. They gave me a loaner iPhone instead.


People? When you are used to Android? iPhones suck. I can do SO much more on my S5 than I can on this …whatever the hell it is. I can’t even find my CONTACT list. I have almost 200 phone #’s in my S5. “Oh good, your contacts transferred.” um….only 30 of them did. Only my daughter’s did. None of the rest of my other families did. None of my grandkids, my friends, my Pchef contacts…….man!

The only thing I do like better is how you listen to your voice mails. MUCH easier.

I checked with Verizon while I was there. I bought my first phone 14 1/2 years ago. This is the FIRST time I’ve ever had to replace a phone due to something gone wrong. I usually just went in every 2 years and got a new one. None of my phones ever stopped working.


So tonight, once again I have to go back to Verizon (out of my way tonite) get my phone, head BACK the other way to my board meeting, then hopefully out for supper with my grandson en fam for his birthday.

Meanwhile, I’m running on too little sleep. Too much to do. Not enough time to get done what I need to get done. A dog that purt near broke my finger. Thank God he’s only 40 lbs or he would have. My other dog has decided he needs to dig in my garbage *bad DOG!!* when I forget to put the ‘twisty’ thing on it. The cat………..*waves hand* …….is the cat.

My friend Greg in CA has been silent for too many days. I worry about that with what is going on with him.

AW is to be here next weekend. Barring any more disasters. I’m getting very nervous now. Excited to meet him finally and yet worried.

I have to spend tonight after I get home, getting ready for my Pchef retirement party Friday night. I need to shop for that too…………….

*…………….makes a list………………….*

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10 thoughts on “iPhones…ick

    1. I’m sure if I had started with one, it would be easier to use. There is just not a simple layout. Where are my contacts? There is no icon containing my contacts. That is what I find frustrating. And where is the ‘back’ button? There isn’t one. hmmmmmmmm


  1. On the bottom of my phone is a green button that says “phone”, that’s where my contacts are kept. Not sure about the “back” button, I guess it depends on the program you’re in at the time. 🙂

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