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This young man turned 17 yesterday.  We were having some AWESOME wings and fries and egg rolls at this North Side place. This ‘snow globe’ was there. If you could get the golf ball to sit on the tee, you won a free drink. This one got me a drink. The next 3 times he did it, got the rest of the group each a drink.

I love this kid beyond reason. He is so awesome.

Cullans 17th with golf ball

We were sitting across from each other when he looked me in the eye and said “Gramma, it’s 11 months today.” I said I know. I miss him so much Gramma. I know, I miss him too. I think pretty much anyone who knew Papa Nick does, Cullan. He was a force, a strong personality, and he loved his grandchildren with passion.

This little man…what a goof. He’s not understanding what Papa’s leaving is about. So we’ll be going to the cemetery soon. “Can we go visit cancer and see Papa?”

lennox and his loud eyes

Wait ….. what? So we’ll take him to where Papa is and talk to him about it. I’m amazed a 3 1/2 year old remembers something from a year ago. “Papa’s dead, right?” omg yes he is.

lennox and mustache.jpeg

As soon as he was done saying THAT, these photos were taken. He’s such a card. I know he doesn’t understand anything but the fact he can’t see Papa anymore.

This will be a difficult trip.

I left this wonderful family and headed over to meet the birthday boy.

I woke up with a hangover this morning. What a freaking headache for only 2 drinks. I think she used pretty low grade Tequila in my Sunrises.




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