Biking…it’s good for you. Right?

My backside ain’t so sure ’bout dat right now……

Yes, I have a gel seat on my bike.

No, it didn’t seem to help this time.

Can gel get too hard to do any good? hmmmmmmmmmmm

But I tell you! I feel like a million bucks today everywhere else!!!

So I rode my bike up to my friend Kevin’s house. He has an inversion table.


ow OW ow!


I think I need to use it every night. My left hip feels SO much better today. It was incredibly painful at the time but I sure can tell a difference today!

It is a beautiful sunny day. I have my old truck in the parking lot. I put the hood off the Fusion in my truck by myself (YES…I CAN DO IT ALONE!! sense of accomplishment? ACCOMPLISHED!) to get to John tonight. I also meet with Neil who connected with John and those two are figuring out paint for the Fusion. I would like it done and out of my garage. It’s going to be a project but I can’t keep storing these cars. They need to be on the road and in someone ELSE’S garage.

4 cars left to deal with.

1956 Victoria.

1969 Ranchero

2006 Fusion

1989 or 90 Lincoln Mark VII parts car. May just take this one to the junk yard. After I find out what is inside. The missing sled and yard tools perhaps? I’m too chicken to push thru the burning nettles and pull the rubber sheeting off to see what’s hiding in there. My luck it will be masked bandits.


Y’all have a NICE day!!

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6 thoughts on “Biking…it’s good for you. Right?

  1. It takes awhile to toughen up down there. For awhile my friends and I would use “napkins” to help and gels didn’t do that much in my opinion. Those are like riding a horse. Too wide. I learned a trick though, especially when it’s been awhile. When you ride, just make sure you stand on the pedals when you are about to hit bumps or anything that’ll cause your bottom to bounce on the seat. If you stand you don’t hit at all. That’s where the pain comes from, not just the seat. if I pass curbs or irregular spots in the road, cracks, chuck holes and stuff, I stand and go over them that way. See if that doesn’t help. It works for me.

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