A painful letter to write … and yet

Nick’s corneas were donated. He died at 2am, they called me at 7am. It stunned me to be contacted so soon but time is of the essence in organ donation.

It’s been almost a year. They told me I could meet these two men after a year. So I’ve started the process of contacting them through the eye bank that harvested his corneas.

Below is the letter I wrote this morning.


Greetings and salivations!

Above is a photo of the wonderful man who, many years ago, made the best decision – to put on his driver license “Donor”. I know he wished we could have donated more of him to help other people. It’s how he was. He loved helping people.

Nick and I were together for 23 years, engaged for almost 20 of those years, and married for 4 months/2days before he died of gastric cancer, the reason more of him could not be donated.

I hope your surgery was a rousing success, that you are seeing the beauty around you, and that one day, we can get together so you can ‘meet’ the man I loved more than life through photos and videos.

Nick and I have 10 grandchildren. He loved them all even though biologically they were not his. They were still his in his heart. He would ‘hug the stuffin’ right outta you!’ he would say to them. And proceed to do so. They loved it and miss him so much..

It’s been a little over 11 months ago now, that he left me. The last month we did SO many things that made his last few weeks so much better. We took a trip to Canada and Madeline Island in Lake Superior. He also felt good enough to go on the Mustang Run, to Falcon Nationals, and on July 11th, I even managed to set it up for him to meet one of his idols, Jack Rousch of Rousch/Fenway Racing – one of my proudest accomplishment for July of 2016.

He also went to the Falcon Nationals in Baraboo.

He died a week later.

As you can maybe tell, he was a Ford nut. All of his cars were Fords except 2, Lincolns (owned by Ford) I have had little choice but to sell most of them, but I am keeping his 1952 Lincoln Capri and his 1969 Mustang Mach 1, hoping to have them both on the road one day.

His final request was to NOT have his ‘final ride’ in a GD GM product. We used his 1957 F100 pickup as his hearse. I know he was happy about that.

Nick was a loving, generous, kind and fun man. My life was richer for knowing him. He is sorely missed.


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