Madeline Island

Sue and Nick at Madeline Island

This is the last GOOD photo of us together. We did get one a week later at the Mustang Run but he was looking so ragged that day. And for some reason I cannot find that photo. I have it framed and it seems to be missing.

We had a good time on our ‘Bittersweet Farewell Tour’…as good as one can have when you are in such pain. He was a trooper and did everything he possibly could. It was all I could do to keep that smile on my face all the time.

I look at photos of him from then and think how the  HELL  did he walk as much as he did. How did he survive as long as he did. How could he smile at me when I knew he hurt so bad.

This photo was taken July 17th. He died 5 days later. I think I’m glad I didn’t know how close he was to dying. I would have been far too…..clingy? hovering? driving him nuts?

Nick 71716

The next 6 – 8 weeks are going to be very difficult.  Going thru all the firsts is almost over. The two big ones being the 22nd and the 27th.

Wonder if I can order a semi of Smirnoff?

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