I’m at a loss today….


I got to swim last night. It was so . … . so awesome to slip into the water and become graceful again. I have MISSED that so much! I’ll be stopping on my way home several times a week.

I’m happiest in the water. I can move without pain, smile underwater, enjoy being by myself. I’m paying for the using of muscles I haven’t for a while, but it’s a good pay. I feel GREAT today. I didn’t drink any alcohol. I ate low, actually no carbs for supper so I could have a snicker-doodle and a bit of cold milk with it.

I’m not liking this new food lifestyle. Unless I can lose a whole bunch of weight with it. Which is what is SUPPOSED to happen. I’m not holding my breath. Blue is not my color. But I will get the required exercise by either swimming at her house or joining the Y. I am waiting for the weather to break to bike again. 85-92* is not good biking weather.

girl mountain bike

Altho last night I wished I had a bike. It was a beautiful full moon and 75* as I walked home from town. 2.4 miles. Ugh. But it actually was quite nice. My right foot is complaining today but I got my 10,000 steps in !!

Trying to decide on a salad for lunch. ~yawn~ I really need to go to Aldi’s and shop. Roasted mushrooms are making me drool right now. I’m thinking chicken/vegie kabobs for supper tonight after my visit with John.

oh man, I’m getting hungry now!!

Later taters!

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4 Responses to I’m at a loss today….

  1. Jim says:

    kabobs sound really good

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  2. A Perfectmindstorm says:

    I quit wearing my fitbit when my knee decided to betray me so I have no idea how many steps I take these days but probably not 10,000.

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