So….my weekend…

…………ended up being better than I had hoped.

Friday night my friend Kevin had to deliver some parts to Plover. When he goes to Plover? I go with. Golden Corral. LOVE that place. I was pretty careful on what I ate except for two of the Yeast Rolls. I’ve been denying myself bread for a bit so I decided I could ‘afford’ to do two of them. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good.

Saturday….The one year anniversary. I was to meet people at the old station by the interstate bridge. Well, the truck had other ideas. All this rain …? There was water in the gas tank. 3 cans of Heat and Sea Foam didn’t do it. When we finally got to the station, we were almost an hour late. Kevin back flushed crap out of the fuel filter. And away we went! With all the time we lost, it gave 3 grandsons (2 real, one foster) time to meet up with us.

Nicks headstone.jpeg

We were headed to the cemetery. It was a good visit. I did OK till I sent everyone but my two oldest grandsons back to the cars. The 3 of us stood there and talked a bit. Those two boys are so good. I just love them to bits.

They came back to Nonna’s house with me and we had some fun talking. Cullan got to go drive Kevin’s Mustang. The others lost golf balls for a while. Luckily they found them all. It was a good day.

They helped load tables and chairs in the van then they left for Winona while Kevin and I headed to my folks with all the stuff. We went out for supper with Mom, Dad and brother. Then out to the farm to unload, then back home.

Sunday it was up to Bob’s to make zucchini relish. Smelled SO good but with red peppers in it, that is out for me.

It turned out to be a relaxing weekend. Something I enjoyed and needed.

And for two people who are not dating….Kevin and I spend a LOT of time together! His friendship means the world to me.

And I think it keeps me somewhat sane.

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7 thoughts on “So….my weekend…

  1. I’m glad you had a good weekend. ♥ Ok, I’m confused, was Nick’s name David L? And if his name was David, how did he come to be called Nick?

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      1. Ohhhh gosh, you probably mentioned that at some point in time, but I missed it, or forgot. Well that is the best “Nick-name” ever !

        Liked by 1 person

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