This was Monday last year….

I don’t even remember what I did. All I do know is that I posted his obit on here. Maybe I went up and picked out his plot.

Which wasn’t where his BROTHER thought it should be.


I thought it was perfect there. Where NICK wanted to be. Not where his brother wanted him to be. That big tree to the left? Came from a seed brought over from Germany/Norway/Sweden. All the bigger trees there are from those seeds. THAT is why Nick wanted to be in ‘the old part’ of the cemetery. Trees and shade and just pretty. Not a field converted with no trees.

The person in this photo is my daughter. She misses her ‘Dad’. She thinks of him as Dad. He raised her with me from age 6. Nick was to walk her down the aisle for her wedding. He missed it by 7 weeks. She misses him a lot, too. Her son wants to go to Cancer and wake up Papa. He loved Papa. Those two were buds.

So a year ago this Thursday was the funeral.  I wonder how I’ll feel that day.

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