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I do keep ‘making it through’….

….but to what end? I feel as if I am existing, not living. And when I try to do something fun, it seems one person or another in my life gets upset. Why? I keep saying this is MY journey … Continue reading

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Welcome to my ….

……little corner of the institution……all that is missing are the padded walls. I started this blog to keep track of things, feelings and concerns where Nick’s cancer journey was concerned. Writing things down can get them off the train that … Continue reading

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being me……………..

I had an interesting conversation with a friend last night. We were talking about how it feels like Nick is trying to tell me something. He’s been on my mind heavy. I’m having a hard time sleeping … it’s when … Continue reading

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So S***head wanted to see Booboosoo’s owie….

Before you think you can laugh at the Booboosoo/Sh**head show….first realize where THIS booboo came from. This is Capo Testa, Sardinia, Italy. Those taller rocks are the size of a small house, some are the size of cars. The third … Continue reading

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Sunsets, Moonrise, and Me

Sunday night, seeing this ……. I felt welcomed home. This was the moon rise on my first night on the Island of Sardinia. How romantic can it get?? This is a sunset from one of my first evenings there. The … Continue reading

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Controversial Content…

I miss………….. That’s all I have today.

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Italy – August 2017

Where do I begin to describe this beautiful country? My first student, Matteo, of whom I have blogged before. My lifeline when Nick became ill. And Marghe, my newest student. I love that they got to meet. My two good … Continue reading

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